Modular Stair Systems

The Simplest and Most Versatile Stair Systems You Can Buy

OSHA Approved Stair Systems
OSHA Approved
Stair Systems
ADA Approved Stair Systems
ADA Approved
Stair Systems

OSHA or ADA Stair Systems for Almost Any Requirement

Easy to Install and Available in Multiple Step and Platform Sizes

Timberwolf modular stairs and landings are the perfect solution, whether permanent or temporary, for a wide range of industries – including oil & gas, mining, construction, transportation, shipping, agricultural, mechanical, and manufacturing. Constructed from aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel, our stair systems are durable, light weight, and simple to install and maintain.

  • Installs in minutes
  • Fabricated with aircraft-grade materials
  • Available in multiple stair and platform sizes
  • Completely adjustable to terrain
  • OSHA or ADA compliant products
  • 100% recyclable
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  • OSHA Combo 3-4-5 Stair System: 3-Step Position
  • OSHA Combo 3-4-5 Stair System: 4-Step Position
  • OSHA Combo 3-4-5 Stair System: 5-Step Position
  • 3 Step
  • 4 Step
  • 5 Step

OSHA Combo 3-4-5 Stair System

Three options in one – adjusts from 26" to 40"

Our patented Combo 3-4-5 Stair System provides the greatest versatility and durability of any light weight access system on the market. Simple to install and 100% reusable, this unit could very well be the only access system you will ever need.

1-Step Unit
1-Step Unit
2-Story Stair System
OSHA 2-Story
Stair System

Performance and Versatility on Every Level

From Single-Step Units to Multi-Story Stairs

Timberwolf has the stair and platform products to accommodate virtually any scenario – from single-step units and semi struck stairs to multi-story systems with wrap-around stairs and landings. Our stair and landing components can be easily configured for most installation environments and height requirements.

For more challenging specifications, our engineers are always available to custom design unique, cost-effective access solutions to your access dilemma.

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  • Step 1: Set up Platform
  • Step 2: Drop in Steps
  • Step 3: Install Handrails
  • 1 Set up
  • 2 Drop in
  • 3 Install

As Easy as 1-2-3

No Need for Bolts, Clamps or Pins

With only 4 components, our stair systems can be installed in 5 minutes or less. No holes to line up. Levels perfectly every time, without the need for blocks – each leg is independently adjustable to accommodate any terrain or surface. The only tool needed is a crescent wrench.