A Step Above

How do you measure cost-effectiveness?

The Timberwolf Advantage

Top-of-the-line quality. Bottom-line thinking.

Price matters. But in our business, purchase price is just the starting point. True cost isn’t measured in days – it’s measured over the course of months and years.

How well your equipment and materials stand up to the test of time; how efficiently they can be assembled, disassembled and transported; and how easily they can be re-configured and re-purposed – throughout the life of your project – are all critical factors in the cost-effectiveness equation.

By every measurement that counts, Timberwolf modular access systems are “A Step Above” the competition – top-of-the-line products for bottom-line thinking.


Fabricated with aircraft-grade materials, Timberwolf stair and ramp systems are engineered to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Our products’ longer lifespans mean lower repair and replacement costs.


Our stair and ramp systems are available in multiple platform and stair sizes, and adjustable to any increment. Greater versatility means our systems can be re-configured and re-purposed over the life of several projects.


Lighter weight means faster set-up and tear-down times, and significantly lower transportation costs. Timberwolf stairs and ramps are engineered for lighter weight and higher performance without sacrificing strength.


Without the need for cutting, welding or on-site fabrication, Timberwolf access systems are the simplest you'll ever install. No holes to line up. Perfect levelling every time. The only tool you'll need is a crescent wrench.

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